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THE NUMBER "37" - ANIOMA LOGO  Those who are close to me know that I have been battling SKY, my internet provider, for the past two weeks. It was frustrating to have things to say about our beloved Anioma State and not have an avenue to do so. Although I have never experimented with drugs, the withdrawal symptoms I suffered must be similar to the experiences of drug addicts battling to go straight. I do have more sympathy for them now. I was, therefore, understandably ecstatic when a Parcelforce staff banged on, rather than knocked gently, on my door to deliver the long- awaited router. I did struggle a bit to find the right title for this piece but there was no struggle at all when it came to what I really needed to say about our passion for our beloved Anioma State. Gosh! How I love saying, 'Our beloved Anioma State' June 20, 2010 will go down in history for the people of Anioma as the day they had a glimpse or taste of Anioma state. On that day, the symbol/logo