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 Liberate – Delta People’s Movement condemns, in the strongest possible terms, the speech made by the Governor of Delta State Emmanuel Eweta Uduaghan where he made a number of significant threats towards the opposition in the State, civil society activists and journalists. Uduaghan was speaking at Democracy Day thanksgiving held at Ekrejeta, Abraka, where he spoke of personally resisting being more firm with the opposition in the State, activist and Journalists because of his belief in the transient nature of power. He then made the following statements: “The governor has many powers; he can do whichever thing he likes. The governor has powers to demolish any house and he has power to even kill, whatever you can think of…but when he leaves office, all the powers are gone. I have not used up to ten per cent of my powers.” He also said, “If I have to use my powers, many people talking now will not talk, even the journalists won’t be writing what they write now. But the power is bei