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PRESIDENT JONATHAN, A PRODUCT OF AN OUTDATED UPBRINGING Before you think I am being disrespectful to President Jonathan’s mother, let me start by saying that this write up is an indictment on the way Nigerian women raise their children. I am going to try here to let us see the danger of this continued out-of-date practice and if by chance any woman or man for that matter gives a thought as to what I have to say here, they might change the cause of the  future of generations of Nigerians  that would give the rest of us a better lease of life. The ability to express emotions is part of being a live entity. Animals across the world have been depicted and seen to show empathy and concern for other animals and for humans too in addition to having the ability to express fear, anger and apprehension. I cannot forget when a friend came to visit me after the birth of my son many years ago. While escorting this lovely lady back to her car, our family dog leapt at her and viciously attack