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SSUUBI (HOPE) 2011 /INTER PARTY COLLABORATION (IPC) International Conference For Ugandans in Diaspora

I am very proud to stand here to address Ugandans in diaspora, fellow Africans, members of the Conservative Party and the member of the London Assembly representing the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson on this auspicious occasion. First and foremost, I must thank my colleague and brother, Mr Richard Semitego for his vision in organising this conference. Richard is an exemplary African son who has excellent community spirit with special reference to the work he does amongst the people of Africa in diaspora and in the local community where we live. That Africa is a rich continent in terms of natural and human resources is a fact everyone agrees on. Although some of the poorest of the world can be found in Africa, many Africans can be seen in positions all around the world, contributing and helping to sustain various fields of endeavour in economics, science, music, literature, politics etc. It is true that the wind of change is blowing around the world; it is true that the days of military
THE NUMBER "37" - ANIOMA LOGO  Those who are close to me know that I have been battling SKY, my internet provider, for the past two weeks. It was frustrating to have things to say about our beloved Anioma State and not have an avenue to do so. Although I have never experimented with drugs, the withdrawal symptoms I suffered must be similar to the experiences of drug addicts battling to go straight. I do have more sympathy for them now. I was, therefore, understandably ecstatic when a Parcelforce staff banged on, rather than knocked gently, on my door to deliver the long- awaited router. I did struggle a bit to find the right title for this piece but there was no struggle at all when it came to what I really needed to say about our passion for our beloved Anioma State. Gosh! How I love saying, 'Our beloved Anioma State' June 20, 2010 will go down in history for the people of Anioma as the day they had a glimpse or taste of Anioma state. On that day, the symbol/logo


Welcome to my blog. OMG! I can't believe I'm blogging!! Its true, I am blogging. When my children bullied me into acquiring a blackberry phone a year ago, I had no idea that I would ever come to blogging. You see, Most people in my generation are terrified, yes terrified of the common PC. As a teacher, I have met with adults who break into sweat at the thought of having to sit in front of a computer. I think I have done well in terms of following modern technology, particularly as it relates to the internet. Not only can I 'ping' and 'blog', I can set up what I need to take part in a webinar e-meeting ( I am not explaining what a webinar is. If you can't work it out, you only have Prince Emmanuel Ohai, the able convener of the Movement for the Creation of Anioma State, to ask, he got me hooked) I almost got carried away by technology. I am passionate about all that I do. If I believe in it, I do not do half measures, I go all out f