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THE CABAL OR NIGERIANS. Some years ago, if a church leader was importing an American Evangelist, other Pastors in his neighbourhood would quickly organise a retreat for their members to prevent them from being stolen at the crusade ground. Retreat was only for the church. At that time, I used to wonder aloud why Christians needed to retreat rather than progress or revive.  I was therefore, taken aback and to say the least, very disturbed when President Jonathan started off this phase of his leadership of Nigeria, with a retreat. It would have blown past for me if the retreat did not include Olusegun Obasanjo. I sat at my PC wondering what Obasanjo, one of the architects of the many woes of Nigeria was doing with a leader who promised a new beginning for Nigerians. My heart sank and I knew we have been had. It’s true that Jonathan was not my choice to win the 2011 election for the simple fact that he had been part of Nigeria’s inglorious past. I knew he was tainted,