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IS DEMOCRACY WORKING IN NIGERIA? ‘Africa is the only continent that has moved backwards in the last 30 years’ - Tony Blair, March 2005. I have sat down several times to ask myself this question but always end up with the same answer. Before I go to that, let me talk of the type of Democracy or government we have been operating since 1999 in Nigeria, the longest period we have had under a democratic setting as it is called.  It’s sad to note here that despite the fact that Nigeria generated more than enough revenue to not only drastically reduce poverty and unemployment, but could have been the Dubai of Africa, raking in revenue from tourism as well as a destination for investors. these have been made untenable because of the bad leadership we have had from the Federal to Local Government Areas who loot rather than serve the people they asked to serve.  On electricity alone, the Nigerian government claimed to have spent over $30billion which to me can provide the


I find it in bad taste that those who arm our young men to snatch ballot boxes during elections would turn around to declare that God gives power. God is many things but he is not a criminal. God is merciful and gracious,  the reason He has not struck them blind, dumb or with leprosy as a deterrent to those who steal and lie in the name of the Lord. The other reason is that God allows a people to choose what sort of government they prefer, the sort that works for them. The truth is that if God were to have a hand in the choice of government of any nation, democracy would not make His top List. God is not a democrat, He is an authoritarian or if you like, a dictator.  He does what pleases Him, not what His children want. If you are wise to ask for something He has already mapped out for you, then you will receive it, but only in His own time, not yours. You see, many of us think its a duty to spend hours each day, telling God what he should do for Nigeria.  Nigeria


Nigeria is 'blessed' or should I say saddled with poor leadership. Leaders of other nations strive in their own ways to please their citizens. Before elections, promises are made to woo the voters. After elections, the winner makes a conscious effort to fulfill those promises. The case with Nigeria, at least, since President Jonathan assumed office, is different. No effort has been made to fulfill promises made by this, em, em president! The much touted fresh air has not been seen nor breathed by anyone I know. It has been insecurity, corruption, unemployment, kidnapping, extra-judicial killing, lynching etc. While the leaders of other democratic nations who are battling harsh economic realities are making conscious effort to act in the interests of their people, all Nigerians get are vows. Empty vows that are not backed by power. Empty vows our president has no intention of keeping. Here are some. Jonathan Vows to Contain Jos Crisis [AllAfrica, Jan 19, 2010 ]