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THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY This is the beauty of the Nigerian State. There are some of us who are not afraid to call a spade by its name, ‘Spade’. They stand on a good moral ground because they hold sacred, those values that were instilled in them as children. They were taught never to take things that belong to others without first asking and to tell the truth at all times. These call themselves, ‘Nigerians’, not northerner, or southerner. They are passionate about their religious beliefs but are also respectful of those who serve God in ways that are different from theirs. – The Good There are a few who are morally bankrupt and have benefitted from the fraud that has its headquarters at Aso Rock, various State capitals and local Government H/Qs. These ones are benefitting from stealing, both of public funds and the peoples’ mandate and are now perpetually lying to us. They eat, drink and live in corruption. Their hired hands lie for them and criticise those who dare to stand up