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WHICH WAY NDIGBO? Lauretta Onochie

A people have a right to self determination. This charter of the United Nations seems not to apply to Anioma people and their Ndigbo neighbours. Anioma people are being forced to take up an identity that was never theirs; Ndigbo are not allowed to protest their unhappiness within the union!  As far as we know, the last protest by MASSOB was peaceful. But how did the Federal government react to that peaceful protest? Many Igbo youngsters were arrested, summarily executed and their bodies dumped in Ezu River. What has the Igbo elites said about this? Nothing! What they have done is file behind each other, falling over each other to become praise singers for the inept government of President Jonathan, including Uwazurike himself.  Thank God there are still many Ndigbo who have souls that can think outside the cashbox. On Tuesday, 13 February 2013, Attorney Emeka Ugwuonye filed a Complaint against several named officers of the Nigerian Security Forces as perpetrators and crim


Nigeria at 52 represents a conglomerate of wholesale failure in almost every aspect of human endeavour for the vast majority of its people, especially its teeming youth population whose collective future is at a great risk of being put in perpetual jeopardy. No one can argue this given the giant strides we have made, and are still making with great speed too, in the reverse gear. Why should we be celebrating, when at 52, we are still dissipating lots of energy in endless debates about rotational presidency that  has produced the worst form of mediocrity? We continue to debate the sanity of those in authority in our nation when other nations are constantly in search of the most capable hands to drive leadership and their economies, in a highly competitive 21st century! Why should we be celebrating when  access to clean, portable and drinkable water has become a fleeting illusion that can never be achieved? What is there to celebrate in the face of an embar