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1. Conspiracy to commit money laundering: Between the 1st day of  May 1999 and the 24th day of March 2003, conspired together with Christine Omatie Ibori-Ibie, Theresa Nkoyo Ibori and others to a) Conceal or disguise property which was, in whole or in part, directly or indirectly, represented his proceeds of criminal conduct, namely his defrauding of Delta State Nigeria; or b) Convert or transfer the property or remove it from the jurisdiction, for the purposes of avoiding prosecution for an offence. 2. Money Laundering: between 24th day of March 2003 and the 30th day of May 2007 together with Udoamaka Onuigbo (also known as Okoronkwo), Christine Omati Ibori-Ibie and others, concealed, disguided, converted and or transferred his criminal property, which constituted his benefit from defrauding Delta State, Nigeria. 3. Obtaining property transfer by deception: On or about the 14th day of February 1999 dishonestly obtained for himself or another a money transfer from SunBank M


This is a puzzle to me but might be an ‘easy peasy’ for someone else. I am not a complicated person you see, so I like the easy side of life. I love any kitchen gadget that would help enhance my culinary skills especially those kitchen gadgets that make life easier in the kitchen like the onion chopper, apple corer, egg and tomato slicers etc. I couldn’t manage without my food processor too. Some of you would be thinking, “At last, she is showing that she is a woman, she’s going to talk about food”, Far from it. Its about my favourite topic at the moment; Its about President Goodluck Jonathan. Jonathan is believed to have been voted for by majority of registered Nigerian voters to emerge the president of Nigeria in the last presidential election, against my advice; fair enough. Nigerians, especially those who felt he was not fairly treated on his journey from vice presidency to the presidency, after the death of his predecessor and those who thought he represented