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When I first joined Umu Anioma, I was not confident that I, as a woman would be able to make much meaningful contribution to the work being done Anioma people. I was born of Anioma parents, grew up in the Anioma area and know first hand how many of our men view women. However, my fears soon disappeared as I was welcomed to the forum and many members, mostly men wrote or called me privately to welcome and encourage me. I cannot forget Alister Chuka Smith, Jonathan Ojei, Tom Mbukanma and  Clemmie Nicholas,  Queenesther Nwaise just to mention a few. It was peaceful and quiet for a while after I joined and I thought it was fantastic that we all got along and echoed each others contributions. That was not to last. What followed next was totally unexpected, not by Umu Anioma or Sunny Ofili. I do not intend to bore you with the details but suffice it to say that Sunny Ofili experienced the full weight of the unity amongst Umu Anioma. This oneness of mind and purpose has made us a form