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Nigeria is a typical third world country when it comes to issues relating to democracy. It is true that no two nations practice democracy in exactly the same way but some ingredients of democracy, to a great extent are present in democratic America and the West. Every citizen, highly placed or not, rich or poor, is subject to the same laws, rules and regulations; the citizens rights to freedom of speech and association are respected and there is the presence of opposition, whose role it is to keep the government on its toes and hold it accountable to its words, actions and inactions. In Nigeria, there are quite a number of the ingredients of democracy missing so one is left to wonder if its democracy at all. The rule of law only applies to those who are unable to buy justice. Members of the national assemblies do not consult those they represent on any issue or issues affecting them. Evidence of extra judicial-killing abound across the nation. Once you are a public or an elect