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ITS NOT PERSONAL - Lauretta Onochie

I am not usually given to responding to myopic, self-serving and sectional bigots but I thought a line ought to be drawn between those who are casting aspersions on the bold and decisive steps Nigerians are taking to recover their nation from the grips of a bunch of corrupt, insensitive and clueless ‘lootocrats’, headed by our ‘ceremonial’ president, Goodluck Jonathan on one hand and those bold and courageous Nigerians under the umbrella of OccupyNigeria on the other. I would like to draw our attention to the fact that the situation in Nigeria; the poverty, the neglect and the suffering of a people in a nation that boasts so much wealth, cuts across ethnic, religious and sectional divide. Nigerians had hopes that President Jonathan would deliver on his campaign promises of a breath of fresh air. What, and all can bear witness, we have had so far is a stagnant, more pungent and massively polluted air. Nigerians are choking, Nigerians are suffocating, Nigerians are dying daily in