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GOODWILL MESSAGE FROM LAURETTA ONOCHIE TO THE LAGOS CHAPTER, UMU ANIOMA FOUNDATION AT THEIR MEET AND GREET ON JULY 2ND, 2011 AND DELIVERED BY JENNIFER ONOCHIE. Great Umu Anioma, I want to apologise for my inability to be with you at this Meet and Greet, organised by the Lagos chapter of Umu Anioma Foundation. It is due to work and family commitments and I hope you do understand. I do not wish to bore you with what some of you already know but I will not fail to remind us that we, as Umu Anioma Foundation, have taken on a huge task that has seen many casualties since 1956. Some of our fore-runners have left indelible marks and we cannot forget the late Chief Denis Osadebe, who coined the name, ‘ANIOMA’, and we have had some Anioma groups that probably started out well but have now ended up in bed with corrupt politicians. These groups only represent themselves as all they do is hold Anioma parties, paid for by our corrupt Anioma politicians while our people are left in abject povert