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IT’S ABOUT THE PEOPLE OR ISN'T IT? The problem with Nigeria is that we do not follow through or keep a story going for long. I am going to use Delta state as an example of what I mean. When a news item breaks, everyone is outraged and then within a week, another one breaks and we completely abandon the previous one, all our questions still unanswered, we just move on.  This works well for our leaders as I can picture a novice amongst them panicking at the break of an outrageous occurrence concerning him/her and the old hands saying to him/her, "Calm down, it will blow over in a week or two." It usually does; no answers, just swept under the carpet and forgotten. The Nigerian media is excellent at exposing corruption but are also paid off to kill off the stories. They have learnt, over the years to use this method to enrich themselves. They are no longer the conscience of the people but the people’s sell-out. The exception to this are the online media like the Sahararep