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2022 is President Buhari’s final full year as President. Here are the policy highlights of his administration for the year: a year that somehow pushed Covid-19 aside with the Russian invasion of Ukraine, a shock move (at least to me) whose geopolitical, economic and humanitarian waves continue to be strongly felt, almost a year later. It will remain the big story into 2023, until of course something even more momentous replaces it, which in a post-Covid world doesn’t seem like such a farfetched prospect any longer. Let me make it clear that the list below is by no means a complete one, which means that I will be updating it regularly. So it’s best to keep checking back, if you’re interested in the list (why would you be here anyway, if you’re not interested :) So, here we go: Infrastructure, Investment and Economic Diversification: It was a year of completion, in many regards. Important infrastructure projects, like the Lekki Deep Sea Port (the  deepest  Deep-Sea Port in Nigeria, and a