This is the beauty of the Nigerian State. There are some of us who are not afraid to call a spade by its name, ‘Spade’. They stand on a good moral ground because they hold sacred, those values that were instilled in them as children. They were taught never to take things that belong to others without first asking and to tell the truth at all times. These call themselves, ‘Nigerians’, not northerner, or southerner. They are passionate about their religious beliefs but are also respectful of those who serve God in ways that are different from theirs. – The Good

There are a few who are morally bankrupt and have benefitted from the fraud that has its headquarters at Aso Rock, various State capitals and local Government H/Qs. These ones are benefitting from stealing, both of public funds and the peoples’ mandate and are now perpetually lying to us. They eat, drink and live in corruption. Their hired hands lie for them and criticise those who dare to stand up to them. They have failed to imbibe and live up to the parental up-bringing given to them as children. They take and appropriate unto themselves the common wealth of our nation, without asking us, leaving the vast majority of Nigerians in abject poverty.

They now go on retreats where they wine and dine sumptuously in addition to laughing at the rest of us. If they do anything else at these retreats, we have not seen the benefits to the nation. They are all holed up in one government house or the other. They have no contact with the ordinary Nigerians who bear the marks of their ineptitude. They fly from one spot to another, leaving us to deal with bad roads. They have littered the nation with uncompleted projects that would improve the lives of Nigerians such as roads, hospitals etc and have embarked on white elephant projects such as stadia, airports etc., that would give them the needed cover to fraudulently enrich themselves at the expense of the people.  They budget huge sums of money for 24-hour generation of electricity leaving Nigerians to die of carbon monoxide poisoning from their poorly manufactured generators that lack proper specifications. They send their children to acquire western education leaving Nigerian children in dilapidated classroom blocks with no seats and desks. They rush off to America and the West for the very best medical care money can buy while ordinary Nigerians are left to endure bouts of ailments and die needlessly as they cannot afford medical care even in our ill-equipped hospitals.   

Some in this category have their headquarters in extortionist and brain-washing business organisations some erroneously call ‘Church’. They live flamboyant lifestyles that would put Bill Gates to shame while their followers go away with empty pockets full of false hope for prosperity. 

Others in this category are responsible for ensuring that injustice has become synonymous to our criminal justice system. They scramble to be appointed to Tribunals and sell justice to the highest bidders who are usually members of the ruling class particularly those who rigged their way into some Government Houses. They make sure that a Nigerian who steals some food items because he was hungry, goes to jail for seven years, with hard labour while those who openly cart away our national wealth, in billions of Naira, those who sell our government buildings and rent them back to us, those who live as if there is no difference between their personal accounts and state coffers, go scot-free. Justice has become too expensive, through the grace of these unjust lot, that the average Nigerain has been priced out.
These have people who pick up the crumbs that fall from their tables. Although they know the difference between right and wrong, they choose to be morally bankrupt for a chance to serve at the altar of corruption. Thankfully, these are losing support by the day.  – The Bad

Finally, there are the ‘Yes’ Nigerians who sit on the fence, they agree with everyone and would usually ‘lol’ ‘ha ha ha ’ or say nothing at all when serious issues affecting our nation are being trashed out.  – The Ugly.

I love this diversity of Nigeria. I love the GOOD because they stand for the truth. They stare the truth in the face and insist on standing by it. They are brutally honest and would stand by the truth no matter whose ox is gored. They have no boundaries. They take a stand against injustice, prejudice and discrimination wherever they are found. Above all, they have the boldness that comes from standing on a good moral ground.

 I also love the BAD because they let us know where they stand so when we encounter them, we know straight away what to expect – sycophancy, lies, denial and corruption! They are also the reason we are called, ‘GOOD’.

My problem lies with the UGLY.  They have no opinion and are swayed by every wind of doctrine. They are the ones I am deathly worried about. They are the ones who can cause colossal damage to the ‘Good’ or to the ‘Bad’, depending on which side they are at a crucial point in time. These need to be handled with care and patience as they can easily wear you out.

 I do, however, have words for each group.  To the GOOD, keep up the heat, we are winning. We have a huge task ahead, so cannot afford to be distracted. We must stay focussed and fearless in addressing issues affecting our grass-root people and our teeming jobless youth population because they are the ones who bear the direct mark of the mis-governance that has become the hallmark of the present Nigerian government and its collaborators and counterparts at the state level.

To the BAD who benefit from the corruption in Nigeria, be put on notice that it won’t be business as usual as we will hold you accountable for your actions and your utterances whenever sanity returns to our beloved nation and I dare say, very soon; and to the UGLY, who sit on the fence, its time to decide where you belong. In the present dispensation, there’s no room for being lukewarm, you have to be either hot on cold because only the GOOD will OCCUPY NIGERIA.


  1. The ugly are a mixed breed. You find a lot of them hiding in church. They act like they belong to the good pack, but when the chips are down they side with the bad for benefits.You can't bank on them. They make the good lukewarm.That's what makes them dangerous.


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