Over the past one year, I have been writing about the impending implosion, explosion and disintegration of the People's Democratic Party of Nigeria, PDP, but it seemed that it would not happen and boooooom! It has happened and the rest as they say, is history. 

How did it happen and what gave rise to it? President Jonathan, a man who cannot see beyond his political party, the PDP, was quick to lay the blame solely on the foxy General Olusegun Obasnajo. Those who are die hard Jonathians, especially from the Niger Delta, blame 'Detractors'. Many Nigerians, especially of the Hausa/Fulani stock belong to this category. 

I would blame Saharareporters, Premium Times, Punch online and millions of Nigeians who daily use the social media to hold the useless government of President Jonathan to account. "Blame" is not the right word so I would rather, give credit to them for the systematic and consistent way they have exposed the continually evil PDP and its agents. Obasanjo said, Anennih said, Jonathan said, Tukur said......that's what cracked up PDP..... And who was doing the reporting? Of course, Nigerians on the social media. If we can sit in the comfort of our homes and smash to smithereens, the colossally monstrous PDP, there is nothing beyond Nigerians! Simply put, 'With Nigerians, all things are possible'. 

It's not soothsaying that PDP will never rise again. Not when the main PDP has suddenly plummeted from a position of numerical prominence and advantage to the pitiful condition it has now found itself as the minority in our Houses of Assembly. Humpty Dumpty had a great fall and all the king's men and all the king's horses could not put Humpty Dumpty together again. There is no amount of peace talk that will restore PDP to its former place of prominence. These peace talks can only lead to further fragmentation. This is the end of Solomon Grundy.  

And who should and rightfully be benefitting from the fall of PDP? APC is my first guess. As true as it is, APC must not let this go to their head. They must in all humility, stay focused on the path of recovering our nation. I believe that most people in APC mean well but there are also those among them, who are stuck with the old order of doing things. They cannot make the desired progress if they allow these people to run the show.

Over the past few months, I have watched with disgust how Nigerians, particular of the former ACN stock have ignorantly paraded themselves as the queen bee in the merger known as APC. Not just them but others too. People are jostling for prominence, power and control of a political party  that is supposed to show good practices. 

Thus far, many Nigerians are over the moon with the work the merger committee did to put strange bedfellows together. We are even happier that these strange bedfellows, made huge sacrifices, concessions and compromises to make sure that APC sees the light of the day. Having said that, I am not sure what effort they made to educate Nigerians as to the meaning of a merger as against coalition. 

I believe that this lapse is responsible for the way many old members of the political parties that formed the merger are striding around like peacocks, claiming to be senior partners. It's not a partnership, its a merger. A merger is a combination of two or more things to form one. *** If we blend tomatoes, onions and pepper, the end product is stew or soup, not Onions! 

I cannot tell you the number of emails and calls I have received in the UK from different groups and factions of ACN all claiming to be the new and authentic APC. This is in total disregard of the national interim leadership saying that they have not appointed, assigned, instructed or elected anyone to do so. There are laid down rules that APC is following systematically. Nigerians would expect everyone to play by the rules by following those policies and procedures. 

What is wrong with Nigerians? What is wrong with you? What is wrong with me? Why can we not follow laid down rules, policies and procedures? Why do we always try to circumvent regulations? I have often said that its not really about political parties, its about Nigerians! We are a people who are bent on doing things our way. It is shameful and ridiculous that while some patriotic Nigerians like Dr Ogbonnaya Onu are willing to take the back bench for the sake of our nation, ordinary Nigerians like me who snored while the merger was being tinkered with, insist on placing themselves before everyone else. 

I believe that the days of people grabbing power because they know one baba or the other is fast coming to an end and many Nigerians are with me on this. We are sick and tired of political monarchy, those whose only credentials are that their great grand fathers were founding fathers of NCNC, AG, etc. That was then, not now! These groups of myopic dwarves would have the real progressives to contend with in APC. There are more of us than them. Our passion is to see a better Nigeria and a better Nigeria we will see. 

It will not be by the old ways that have repeatedly failed us. We are ready to do things differently. We cannot continue to do stuff the same way and expect different results. No! This is our last chance to salvage what is left of our nation, that is, if Niger Delta ex-militants spare our lives. We cannot tread the path of PDP, ACN, ANPP or APGA any longer. Those are paths that have led us either nowhere or half way. It has to be a totally new way and everyone must know that Nigerians will only embrace those who are seen to be doing things differently. 

I have said it the way I feel, it still remains to be seen if APC is equal to the task. I am watching because I will not be part of any association that is unserious with the application of the stipulations of its constitution. 

If all else fails, Nigerians are also capable of taking their destinies in their own hands by staging a mass action that would send packing, all those that have had anything to do with bringing our nation on its knees. 25 million Nigerians online can mobilise another 25million Nigerians for a successful mass action. But this won't be necessary if the opposition party would live above board by taking seriously, the task of recovering our nation. One way or the other, Nigeria must be recovered! 

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  1. My sister, am yet to see if APC is a merger or coalation of strange bed fellow. We are yet to see strong policy statement regarding ASUU and the jumbo pay of these legislooters. All we have been hearing is condemnation of GEJ and co. What have they done differently in their respective states? I hope they will not take us down another tortuous route of evil governmental .....


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