President Goodluck Jonathan

Like failed manifestos and vague promises erected on empty platform of inconsequential annexation of helpless Nigerians, the attacks and blood-letting have remained incessantly unstoppable. We now live in the wake of dawn of more promises heralded by the President and his spokespersons whenever such attacks are launched on innocent Nigerians. The question therefore is, "When will the occupants of Aso Rock run out of consolidation messages which they send out to the people whenever such a dastardly incident occurs without conscientious actions to arrest same.

One would have wished we fought a civil war three years ago, at least, it would have probably  abated by now and freedom and safety won't be locked up in political cellular by now unlike the unpredictable recipe which we now face with our steps being calculated and counted like those walking on a field littered with fragmentation of bombs set to explode. Without mincing words, it is now crystal clear that the within-war that is being heralded and meted on Nigerians is not selective unlike the popular belief which some parts of the country once harboured.

The activities of Boko Haram are not just a target on the Christians but also on the Muslims. Innocent people who went to worship in their mosque met their early deaths due to the activities of miscreants whose line of action has been embattling the country for over three years now. If politics is not at play in these whole pretentious effort of tackling and curtailing Boko Haram, we would have long left the scene of continuous consolidation with fake message of hope which greets the image of the country whenever this obvious incident occur. The question therefore is: when will the presidency run out of this annoying and sadistic message of “we shall conquer Boko Haram?" Enough of the presidential insult!

Since the crisis in these Northern states has remained a puzzle despite the presumed effort made by series of the leadership at the upper chamber, it therefore implies that certain groups of foes whose ambitions are yet to be fathomed are bent on making the once peaceful country in Africa, a living hell. 

Villages and houses has been sacked, more than 700,0000 are in the refugee camp and over 13,700 innocent citizens have lost their lives in the once assumed minor crisis which has now climaxed to the height of intolerable siege of unstoppable and consistent abysmal killings. Our hope of a better tomorrow seems to be gliding into a hallow of hopeless hope and uncertainty. Tomorrow has become an unachievable mirage as everybody in these region sleeps with their eyes open. 

The question therefore posing fiercely on the platform pleading for attention is: where did we get it wrong? Who are the patrons of this evil conscienceless group called Boko Haram? Whose administrative antecedents did this evil that has beguiled the image of the country into the state of incomplete disorder gain momentum and emanated? What is the view of this adamant and recalcitrant daft group whose only ideology is to kidnap, kill, maim and destroy lives and properties? 

There are so many questions left unattended to and these questions may never get answer till the world ends. A Lot of complex issues that ought to have served as alibi for proactive change of political attitude over the activities of Boko Haram by some disgruntled politicians are swept under the carpet and since change which happens to be the only constant thing in nature has been refused a leaflet into sight, these changes may never occur because the adverse effect of its mother factor was eliminated and dead on arrival.

If the truth is to be told, it will be very imperative to align our analysis with the popular opinion of what the basis of this incessant act of rebellion is all about.

The arrogation of fake and empty hope of safety by the federal Government and the absolution of ignorance not to keep same is tantamount to a charade and facade of sequential oblivion which is left unsolved after such promises are made. The lives of Nigerians are no longer safe and rather than going about our normal duties, everybody now walk on the streets with not just ultimate care of consciousness but every bit of suspicion. It is no longer news that we are under serious attack by unknown enemies who don't wish Nigeria any good but have her major aim tailored towards annihilation and extinction of our very existence.

It all began like a joke and now it has climaxed to its credulous crescendo leaving almost everybody dumbfounded, hapless and helpless with no valve and vision of hope light at the end of the tunnel. The law is sacrosanct and just like the right to life of every human being exiting under the surface of the sun, hence effects have been dwindled into the dark ray of soliloquy. 

If the aforementioned is as true as plain, it then depicts that its objective has long been defeated in all dimensions. It is therefore worthy to note that; with these present and unpredictable ventures Nigerians find themselves, the future of our safety is not just bleak but murky and highly acrimonious. 

Before now, it was this popular belief of alluring ethnic diversification and religious jingoism as being promoted by some greedy politicians who apply such gimmicks of deceit to mislead the people whenever they fail in their duty to provide what is due to the electorate. When they lost their sense of commitment to the people, they resort to cheap blackmail and plant seed of discord among the people just to divert attention from the original stable issue on ground and make them embark on a war of ethnic and religious superiority. This is typically against the evil deeds of these miscreants from a strange world because their operations and activities are not secluded, selected or manned in targeted coordinated spheres as no religion is spared.

28th November 2014, greeted Kano State with black cloud with over 120 persons losing their lives and 113 badly injured. It was a black Friday which will forever go down in History courtesy of the deadly bombast that claimed the lives of innocent Nigerians who went to register and submit their supplications to their Creator at the Mosque, all traceable to Boko Haram.

Until the people rise up to reality and come to terms by agreeing to the fact that we are under serious attack from unknown aliens and imbibe the habit defending ourselves and rendering assistance to security agencies and begin to eschew this man made hatred that is illusive, the fate and hope of harmonious cohabitation among Nigerians will be forever far-fetched. 

We have to live together and forget the empty promises by the President and his group of confused charlatans and psychophants who take pleasure in giving hopeless security hope to the masses. The affairs as it stands a now doesn't bite them one bit because they are not directly affected. Enough of Presidential insult and failed promises of crushing Boko Haram!

He and his failed cabinet are busy planning for next year's election without making the people they will govern as their utmost priority. I then ask: who will they govern if everybody is dead?

Let every Nigerians take heed : we are simply under highly powered coordinated attack by yet to be identified syndicate and wet blanketed faces whose purposes are yet to be fathomed succinctly. 

The double acrimonious jeopardy that took place on the 14/4/2014 might have been seen by many as normal with same level of surprise which usually occur whenever an event takes place. The sad Nyanya Bus terminal bomb blast that claimed several lives and the taking into hostage of over 200 female students residing in the hostels at Government college in Borno State at the early hours of 15/4/2014 and May 1st repeated bomb blast at same Nyanya still reverberates on our encephalic cellular. These innocent girls whose fate can best be described as a wish fall into dark doldrums are nonetheless on the forgotten lane. Yet, we have a president that is the commander of the armed forces, a president that is always quick to make a consolidation of hope as though hope truly beams at us, a president whose only major focus for now is to retain his occupant at Aso Rock, a confused personified leader who keep telling Nigerians bomb blast is not peculiar to our country. 

Having birthed our hope of calmness, repeated incident took place on same month of May 18th on Kano which claimed many lives and several others which we have lost counts. These whole sad occurrences and fumitory calls for total revaluation. Helpless Nigerians has remained bemoaned by these incessant events that took place on quick succession. As helpless as they are, they do nothing order than to sleep under the stethoscope see through of AK47 and possibly hope on the creator whose mercies they have retained their trust of surviving the night and witnessing another day.

With this incident, one will begin to wonder the qualities imbibed by our soldiers who succeed in quelling dangerous upheaval in other countries and what actually went wrong with our own method of it not been combated despite the effort put in place by these men in camouflage who have sacrificed a lot. Obviously, the root debated cause of interests frustrating the fight against insurgency being pioneered by some high powered VIPS are yet to be brought to book.

The President should stop batting an eyelid and come out in full to tell Nigerians what the real matter of selective involvement in tackling these crises is all about. With the obvious pattern of suspending the massive weight of military hardware on these miscreants who has made the country a living hell, it will not be wrong to accentuate and possibly conclude that the supremacy of the powers of the President is partially shaded and not mounting her wrath on these bloody activities can best be described as a ploy of his ambition come 2015. This act of in fecundity justifies my earlier position of the subject matter; subjecting and sacrificing the lives of Nigerians at the altar of his ambition come 2015.

It is a huge shame to be sobbing when we already know the root cause of their negative sagacious act of indoor war. I remember in my family, as a pupil during my days at Primary and Secondary school, you dare not come home crying over the defeat of a beating by a fellow boy , if you dare do that, be sure of receiving double portion of general beating by the full house. The message depicted in that family act is that; live up to your counterparts and never report home with any pitiable remorsefulness, stand in defence on your feet and fight to reclaim your image as a true member of the family. 

Even as at the wake of 1st December, 2014, after the killing of students in Damaturu University, house to house slaughtering followed suit with little and late reprisal response by our military. The president should stop insulting the intelligence of Nigerians. I do not take the lies of fake promises offensive, but the insult on my intelligence is what I find detesting and hateful.

With all these show of lack of respect for human lives by the terrorists, the act is despicable and highly unjustifiable threat to our society. The question many Nigerians are asking is: how big is Sambisa Forest that it has refused and rejected to be conquered? This nightmare abode has done lots of harms to the image of the country and our dear President keep reassuring Nigerians that all will be well. It's so painful that even at this juncture, Dr Goodluck Ebele Jonathan lack sight and vision of combating our wars and securing our boarders. Let the president do the needful and draw up a pen and paper and write down his name in gold rather than ending on a shameful line wistful leisure. Enough of Presidential insults! 

Prince Daniel C.D ONYEMAKA


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