🎩 For those who keep screaming that they have not seen any change, please be patient. What you see as change may mean little to others. For the people of the states of the North East, change means just to stay alive. 🎩 For the first time in many years, they were able to perform their  Sallah without restrictions. The Emir of Gombe, rode freely on a horseback as the tradition was, to the prayer ground. 🎩 Yes we all know that there's, unfortunately hardship everywhere. The good lessons from this hardship is that we are all learning to spend money on only essentials and make only important journeys. 🎩 Many Nigerians are learning to cut their coats, not according to their size but according to size of their cloths. We are all cutting down on waste in our private lives. 🎩 But for those of us who are waiting for the type of change where President Buhari and his team will be distributing stolen cash, it will never happen. 🎩 Instead, my girl, Kemi is working with the team


 "You're not going out there with your sleeves unbuttoned", they seem to be saying to their grandfather, President Muhammadu Buhari. I Grandpa had rolled up his sleeves to have a meal. These adorable grand daughters jumped in to support their grandpa to button up his sleeves cuffs. Sometimes we forget that Leaders are family men and women. God bless President Buhari and his family. God bless our families. God bless us, everyone Lauretta Onochie @Laurestar

Secret Documents Expose Nigerian Oil Mogul’s Offshore Hideaways

In September 2015, Beyoncé sat on a yacht drinking sparkling wine with her legs wrapped under a striped, earth-toned blanket as the Faraglioni rocks, near Capri on Italy’s west coast, passed by. The singer and her husband, Jay Z, paid a reported $900,000 that week to sail the Mediterranean Sea on the Galactica Star, a 65-meter private cruiser with a helipad, 10 dining areas, Jacuzzi and sun deck. Unknown to the celebrity couple, the yacht’s owner was soon to be a wanted man. Held through a shell company created by the law firm at the heart of the Panama Papers scandal, Mossack Fonseca, the yacht is now caught up in a massive investigation in Nigeria. The government claims the yacht was bought with profits from crude oil sales that were diverted and never paid to authorities. The Galactica Star’s owner is Kolawole Aluko, a petroleum and aviation mogul who is one of four defendants accused of helping to cheat Nigeria out of nearly $1.8 billion owed to the government on massi


The attention of Ndi Anioma of Nigeria, the umbrella body covering Anioma people at home and in Diaspora has been drawn to the recent protest associated with a group of people, in the name of Biafra, in which protesters of South East origin are calling for the secession of a separate state of Biafra from Nigeria.  The purpose of this dissent, they have admitted, also relates to the deserved arrest of a UK-based Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the man behind the venomous Radio Biafra. Like most observers who followed the nature of Biafra in 1967, Ndi Anioma is of the view that Biafra died permanently in 1970 with the surrender speech made by Philip Effong in which he emphatically stated ‘Biafra ceases to exist’, following Col. Emeka Odimegwu Ojukwu's flee to Ivory Coast.  In spite of this circumstance, a few resentful people of South-East origin who are attempting to exploit a non-existent opportunity to make the present democratic dispensation ungovernable, have keyed into MASSOB’s lon


The more I try to push this man into our recent ignoble past and leave him there,  the more he makes a concerted effort at adding salt to the injury he, by his irresponsible leadership of our nation, caused Nigerians. With the revelation of the shameful and disgraceful diversion of funds meant to equip the Nigerian Army and safeguard the nation, one would have thought that the man who presided over that part of our sordid history, should bow his head in shame and apologise to the Nigerian people. But ex President Goodluck Jonathan has no shame. None whatsoever. He is not perturbed that such roguery as is being revealed took place under his watch. No, he sat calmly while those he appointed, played Russian roulette with issues that were a matter of life and death, preferring instead to lace their pockets with funds meant to secure lives and properties. Where was he when  Air Chief Marshal  Alex  Sabundu  Badeh,  a senior Nigerian Air Force officer and former Chief of

FIRE ON BUHARI! - Lauretta Onochie

Carol Ajie is a Lawyer. I am not. I am a Lecturer, Carol is not. I took one look at her petition against President Buhari and her call for the respected leader of the most populous black nation to resign and I thought, "Joker, who set her up?". But that's her opinion from the view point of a lawyer. But as a Lecturer, and a layman in law, I would try to teach Carol one or two lessons she missed or even educate her on how not to make herself a laughing stock.  One lesson Carol must learn first is that lawyers are well respected  across the world and Nigeria is not an exception. However, it takes very little for Nigerians to caste anyone from the height of respectability to the abyss of ignominy and notoriety. If Carol was seeking fame and respect, allowing herself to be used by the likes of Femi Fani-Kayode and Oliseh Metuh has obviously done the opposite. She has drawn the ire of Nigerians. This is because many Nigerians can no longer see any line, not even a thin


It appears the 8th Nigerian Senate, an unpopular set of men and women are still battling for relevance in the Nigerian political space. This has beclouded their judgement so much that they cannot articulately separate the wheat from the chaff. While admitting that there is a tiny bit of substance in their desperation, by and large, it's an outright and deliberate effort to gag ordinary Nigerians and give Pres. Muhammadu Buhari a bad name and image at a time he is enjoying local and international goodwill and accolade.  What we need to do is study the Social Media Bill carefully to understand what the Senators are working at and where they have crossed the line by smuggling in repressive parts.  The Genesis of the Social Media Gag Bill: ▓ The Senate had mud in its face, suffering great humiliation when they admitted Frivolous Petitions against the person of Rt. Hon Chibike Rotimi Amechi and others during the screening of the Ministers.  ▓ The Senators were blind