‘Africa is the only continent that has moved backwards in the last 30 years’ - Tony Blair, March 2005.
I have sat down several times to ask myself this question but always end up with the same answer. Before I go to that, let me talk of the type of Democracy or government we have been operating since 1999 in Nigeria, the longest period we have had under a democratic setting as it is called. 
It’s sad to note here that despite the fact that Nigeria generated more than enough revenue to not only drastically reduce poverty and unemployment, but could have been the Dubai of Africa, raking in revenue from tourism as well as a destination for investors. these have been made untenable because of the bad leadership we have had from the Federal to Local Government Areas who loot rather than serve the people they asked to serve. 
On electricity alone, the Nigerian government claimed to have spent over $30billion which to me can provide the whole of West Africa with light energy.  Yet what is evident in all parts of the nation, including Government houses are generators and their associated noise and air pollution. No one can say for sure how many Nigerians die each day from carbon monoxide poisoning or fume-related asthma. 
What does democracy mean in the first place and why is the United States in particular, advocating democracy around the world? Democracy is simply known to be the Government of the people, for the people and by the people. Let’s explain this further and relate it to western involvement. 
Democratic practices  have always been issues of serious concerns for the average Nigerian citizen,  while the nation’s glaringly weak judicial system portends bad signals that the country is heading towards crises, if drastic measure were not taken. 
In Nigeria today, what we have is a selected few who destroy our dear country in the name of Democracy. "Democracy is not supposed to be imported and imposed hook, line and sinker on different nations with different backgrounds, orientations and cultures. Tenets of democracy are good, but must be tailored to fit into and accommodate diverse backgrounds, cultures and orientations of diverse countries according to the needs of such a people.
We must develop our 'home grown' democracy including the election and its processes." - @hbgumi. In my own opinion, democracy should be tailored to suit the needs of the people but the basic principles, people-centredness must remain intact.  According to President Barack Obama,  “The people are more important than the president” From this quote, we can see clearly that Democracy is all about the people and those elected MUST initiate and execute policies that affect the people in a positive way. 
Citizen participation must also be encouraged. Is this happening in Nigeria? Your guess is as good as mine. Nigerians are totally ignore while those that asked to serve arrogantly refuse to consult their their local constituencies.  Why then do we allow this to continue since we have the right to decide who best to lead us? 
This brings me back to where we have problem in Nigeria under a Democratic setting. In the first place, since Democracy is all about the Nigerian people, why then do Political parties impose candidates on us to choose from? Why won’t the people decide who carries the flag of a particular party, be it the office of the Governor, senate, Reps or President? Why do we have too many association registered as political parties in Nigeria? The National Assembly in Nigeria is nothing but a waste. They have no use for Nigerians and our constitution is only in name.
To answer the above, I have a suggestion. Firstly and to be sincere, we do not need more than five (5) political parties in Nigeria. Secondly, the people should be involved in selecting who a party presents as candidate for all positions. Another issue that contribute to the party selecting who they present is the issue of money politics. The Independent National Electoral Commission INEC  has to start with free  nomination forms as well as peg how much a candidate can spend during campaign.  
The exorbitant amount charged by parties prospective contestants means that if the best candidate was poor, he would be priced out of the contest. Is this Democracy? Is this how the US and the West conduct their nomination? Since we are copying the United States system of Government, why do our elected/selected representatives, at the detriment of our people,  allocate to themselves unbelievable amount as their allowances making a Nigerian senator to earn in a year more than what the US president earns in 4 years? What  then does the president earn, that’s apart from what they loot? 
Recently, former Chief Justice of Nigeria, Justice Alfa Belgore (Rtd) decried the ubiquitous present state  of infrastructural decay in all parts of the country, adding that with the decay, the country was yet to experience true democracy.
The people’s Democratic Party (PDP) has been RULING, not LEADING Nigeria since 1999. They have done nothing but divide and rule us. Each election gets worst yet we do nothing. WHY? In the 2011 elections, I cannot remember now, how many seats were cancelled as a result of electoral malpractices and re-election done.  Yet no single INEC official has been charged  for their role in rigging. On this, I’m not surprised because INEC itself is a branch of PDP as clearly, Professor Attahiru Jega is not an Independent electoral Chairman but a representative of the ruling party who takes orders from President Jonathan. We must call for parties to nominate candidates to serve in INEC. Occupy Nigeria has shown us that once we are UNITED, the govt will do what’s right.
What Nigerians should know is that those in Government are united in looting. Being in different Political parties is only a deception. Remember the bullet-proof jeep Shekarau gave President Jonathan when they were campaigning for same office but under different parties. For how long then, will we continue to be deceived? 
I know part of the oath President Jonathan took was to protect lives and properties but unfortunately, we have witnessed more deaths and destruction of properties in less than two years of his Government. He boldly spoke about fighting corruption which is our number one problem but end up being the leader of looters with Diezani  Alison- Madueke and Ngozi by his side. 
A serious president fighting corruption would not have only sacked Diezani Madueke and all involved in the fake N2.6trillion fuel subsidy fraud but also make them face the law. As it is now, there is no single sector that fraud has not permeated and crippled.  we have ICPC and EFCC who are both also a branch of PDP. How then do we say democracy is working?
Having said this, it’s obvious that Democracy is definitely not working in Nigeria and the earlier we unite to #SaveNigeria in 2015, the better. We are already far behind. Defeating a DO OR DIE party like PDP is not an easy one. They use religion, region and tribe to divide us. Since we know this, why not use our vote which happens to be our strongest weapon in making Democracy work in Nigeria?
In conclusion, let me share this story that relates to our present condition. Nigeria of today is much more like the story of the late supreme court justice Oliver Wendell Holmes who, at 88, found himself on a train and unable to find his ticket. When the conductor came around, Holmes was searching through all his pockets without success. Of course the conductor recognised the distinguish justice, so he said, “don’t worry, Mr. Holmes. You don’t need a ticket. You’ll probably find it when you get off the train, and I’m sure the Pennsylvania Railroad will trust you to mail it back later! ” Holmes looked at the conductor with some irritation and said: “MY DEAR MAN, THAT IS NOT THE PROBLEM AT ALL. THE PROBLEM IS NOT WHERE MY TICKET IS. THE PROBLEM IS WHERE AM I GOING?” Sadly, that’s the situation i find us in. We don’t know where this bloody Democracy is taking us to. 
May the Almighty Allah Save Nigeria.
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  1. I actually don’t know where this bloody Democracy is taking us to!!!


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