Nigeria is 'blessed' or should I say saddled with poor leadership. Leaders of other nations strive in their own ways to please their citizens. Before elections, promises are made to woo the voters. After elections, the winner makes a conscious effort to fulfill those promises.

The case with Nigeria, at least, since President Jonathan assumed office, is different. No effort has been made to fulfill promises made by this, em, em president! The much touted fresh air has not been seen nor breathed by anyone I know. It has been insecurity, corruption, unemployment, kidnapping, extra-judicial killing, lynching etc.

While the leaders of other democratic nations who are battling harsh economic realities are making conscious effort to act in the interests of their people, all Nigerians get are vows. Empty vows that are not backed by power. Empty vows our president has no intention of keeping. Here are some.

Jonathan Vows to Contain Jos Crisis [AllAfrica, Jan 19, 2010 ] 

Jonathan vows to consolidate the gains of the [Niger Delta] amnesty [CNIELTS, February 15, 2010]

Nigeria's president Goodluck Jonathan vows to hold clean elections  [Christian Science Monitor, April 13, 2010]

New Nigerian President Vows Electoral Reform Before Next Year's Vote [Voice of America, May 07, 2010] “...Our total commitment to good governance, electoral reform, and the fight against corruption will be pursued with greater vigor."

Jonathan Vows to Tackle Erosion in South East [AllAfrica, 24 February 2011]

Jonathan Vows to Prosecute Those Behind Violence [AllAfrica, Apr 15, 2011]

Jonathan vows to end Boko Haram menace [AFP, April 19, 2012]

Jonathan vows 'major changes' for Nigeria [Dailymotion, April 20, 2011.

Jonathan Vows to Return Nation to Order [Vanguard, 21 April 2011. 

Nigeria: President Jonathan vows to address falling education standard [West African Democracy Radio, May 18, 2011]

Nigerian President Vows to Strengthen Democratic Rule [Voice of America, May 30, 2011]

Corruption: No more sacred cows, Jonathan vows [Vanguard, July 26, 2011]; would rid the nation’s procurement process of all forms of corruption, he said at the fourth National Procurement Forum.

Nigerian president vows to bring terrorism under control, go after group that bombed U.N. building [Associated Press, August 27, 2011] 

UN Building Bombing - Jonathan Vows to Track Down Bombers [Daily Trust, August 28, 2011]

Jonathan Vows To Crush Terror Groups, Says Sponsors of Terror groups now unveiled [Nigeria Tribune, September 23, 2011]

Jonathan vows to fix public institutions, Says strong institutions recipe for Nigeria’s Greatness The Sun, Sep 28, 2011 ]

President Jonathan Vows to Combat Security as Nigeria Celebrates its 51st Independence Day [IQ4News, October 1, 2011...

Jonathan Vows to get bombers (Vanguard, October 2, 2010); “It is a wicked independence anniversary gift.”

President Jonathan vows war on crime, saying he had put in place a new national security strategy, [Africa Review, October 2, 2011]

Jonathan vows war on crime as Nigeria turns 51 [Africa Review, October 3, 2011]

As Boko Haram changes gear, Mars Eid-El-Kabir celebrations in North, Jonathan vows to protect Nigerians [National Daily Newspaper, November 6, 2011]

Christmas carnage in Nigeria, Nigeria's president vows to bring those responsible to justice [CNN, December 25, 2011]

President Jonathan Vows To Exterminate Boko Haram [blanknewsonline, December 26, 2011]

Jonathan vows to "crush terrorists" [Reuters, Dec 31, 2011]who set off a series of bombs across Nigeria on Christmas Day.  "We assure Nigerians that we will protect them…We will crush the terrorists. If there are institutions ... which are harbouring terrorists, we will deal with them."

Jonathan vows to protect Nigerians [National Daily], November 6, 2011

Jonathan vows vengeance; to "crush the terrorists" who set off a series of bombs across Nigeria on Christmas Day [Mail & Guardian, South Africa, Dec 31, 2011]’s fight to the finish, Jonathan vows [The Punch,  January 1, 2012]… he would not spare any effort aimed at fighting the sect, which he described as a “group of evil-minded people,” to the end. 

Jonathan vows to work for the welfare and wellbeing of all Nigerians [Newsdiary, January 16, 2012]

 Jonathan Vows to Check Destabilisation Plot [ThisDay, January 17, 2012]

We'll wipe out Boko Haram – Jonathan [The Punch, January 23, 2012]; vowed in Kano the federal government would soon wipe out the dreaded Boko Haram

Jonathan vows stronger relations between Nigeria and Ethiopia [Channels TV, Jan 31, 2012]

Jonathan vows to increase petrol refining capacity [The Moment, February 3, 2012] 

Jonathan vows to sack appointees over 2015 campaign [ThisDay, Feb 21, 2012]

Jonathan vows justice [The Nation, January 23, 2012]

Jonathan vows to replicate Asian Tiger feat in Nigeria [Channels TV, March 26, 2012]

Revenge attacks follow Nigeria church blast, Goodluck Jonathan...vows "to end the spate of mindless attacks and killings" Al Jazeera (12 March 2012]

Jonathan vows to fast-track power masterplan (News Diary Online, March 26, 2012].

Jonathan Vows To End Boko Haram Menace In June [March 28, 2012, Yonhap News Agency, South Korea]

Jonathan vows to end culture of favouritism (Premium Times, April 12, 2012 ): “You don't have to know somebody who knows somebody before you can be given any high office to serve in the new direction we want to chart for the country.” 

I will deal with Boko Haram, Jonathan vows [Apr 13, 2012]

Jonathan to sack heads of MDAs for distorting 2012 budget [Premium Times, April 13, 2012]

Jonathan vows “to sack heads of departments and parastatals indicted for lobbying members of the National Assembly for upward review of their budget (The Nation, April 14, 2012)

Jonathan vows to correct structural defects in education [Vanguard, April 15, 2012 ), lamenting that the defects in the system  were responsible for the failure of  children.

Jonathan vows to end Boko Haram menace [AFP News, April 19, 2012], “security situation in Nigeria is not as gloomy as it is painted and the government “is working very hard and that we’ll bring this under control…” 

 Jonathan vows to end Boko Haram menace [AFP News, April 19, 2012], “security situation in Nigeria is not as gloomy as it is painted and the government “is working very hard and that we’ll bring this under control…”

Jonathan vows to eradicate polio by 2015 (Channels Television, April 24, 2012): “One thing I promise the Nigerian child, and also the Nigerian father and mother is that if we cannot solve all the health problems in this country now, one thing this present administration is committed to is to eradicate polio by 2015”.
Fuel Subsidy report: Presidency vows to bring culprits to book [The Punch, April 26, 2012]...would punish all those found culpable in the N1.07tn fuel subsidy scam.

Jonathan Vows To Punish Oil Thieves [Nigerian Pilot, April 26, 2012]
President Goodluck Jonathan has vowed that his administration will not shield any corrupt person from investigation or prosecution by the anti-graft agencies in the country [NewsDiary, May 4 2012].
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