I find it in bad taste that those who arm our young men to snatch ballot boxes during elections would turn around to declare that God gives power. God is many things but he is not a criminal. God is merciful and gracious,  the reason He has not struck them blind, dumb or with leprosy as a deterrent to those who steal and lie in the name of the Lord.

The other reason is that God allows a people to choose what sort of government they prefer, the sort that works for them. The truth is that if God were to have a hand in the choice of government of any nation, democracy would not make His top List. God is not a democrat, He is an authoritarian or if you like, a dictator.  He does what pleases Him, not what His children want. If you are wise to ask for something He has already mapped out for you, then you will receive it, but only in His own time, not yours.

You see, many of us think its a duty to spend hours each day, telling God what he should do for Nigeria.  Nigerians love the easy life, the reason we find it hard to take actions when needed, preferring instead to bind and loose. It also seems that nothing much is happening in the area of answered prayers for our nation.  Why is that? God does exactly what pleases Him! He takes no instructions from mere mortals as that would amount to democracy.  I don't care what your Pastor has told you, God is a very responsible Father who KNOWS His duties and responsibilities towards his children and He will bring His purposes, not yours, to pass and in His own time.

 No parent, and I am one so I know, would pass his children through months and sometimes years of agony and pain before they provide for them. The watch word is action. Nothing happens in a vacuum. Praying is good but there is time and place for everything.  

I am therefore at a loss, why Nigerians would sit and watch a few morons hold them to ransom, preferring instead to spend agonising hours on their knees instead of using a democratic and a constitutional means to call these corrupt bunch to order. Good we are now speaking up. Good we now have a voice but words that are not backed by actions are not going to take us anywhere. We are dealing with nonentities who have ravaged our nation, showing us no mercy nor compassion in their pursuit of their wicked agenda against the people of Nigeria.

Our nation is saddled with some of the  highest level of corruption in high places ever known to man! Government establishments are owned by those appointed to oversee them. They are run as private estates. Funds are taken arbitrarily from these establishments to boost private bank accounts and to fund lavish lifestyles of families and friends. Nosey well-meaning staff are sacked, framed or blackmailed, paving way for stooges who do the biddings of the chief sinner in the government establishment. 

I thought that someone I know, who dutifully served her nation as a civil servant was being dealt a bad hand by the non-payment of her pension since April of 2011 until I met another Nigerian senior citizen at Atlanta whose pension has not been made good since 2008. Recently, a concerned Nigerian who works in the Accounts division of the NNPC told me how periodically, money from their pension fund was taken out and handed over to a former head of state.  Not much has been heard of those who embezzled the pension fund in our nation. The government of President Jonathan has carried on this age long attack on Nigerians and has sustained the deprivation on not only our teeming youth but our aged senior citizens as well. REVOLUTION NOW!

We saw the fuel subsidy report of the House of representatives committee. We all waited with  breathless candour to see how the lame duck President  would use that report to silence all critics about his unseriousness to fight corruption. What did we get instead? The PDP rigging machinery, sorry, the PDP blackmailing syndicate got to work. It is still not clear if Farouk Lawan was part of the ploy to discredit the work of his own hands and his person.  Till date, he is still a free man and the fuel subsidy report has essentially been confined to dusty cupboards, totally discredited, although still fresh in the minds of Nigerians. REVOLUTION NOW!

Still on the fuel subsidy scam, in an attempt to buy time and after President Barack Obama and  Prime Minister David Cameron in separate private calls, prevailed on President Jonathan to be serious about fighting corruption, he called on a credible Nigeria,  Nuhu Ribadu to head an independent committee. Well, the only thing independent in the committee is the word 'independent'. Right from the beginning, two members of the committee were appointed to positions in the NNPC, the major part of the sector under investigation. Stephen Oronsaye and Ben Uti, turned out to be two despicable men who have strengthened the belief in some quarters that we need women to clean up our nation. These two men have given definition to the term,  'the hatchet man'. These two men whose families should be distancing themselves from as the family of the despicable Jimmy Saville have done in the UK, were set up to destroy the incredible work put into the report by Nuhu Ribadu and others. REVOLUTION NOW!

Nigerians have been outraged by this dirty trick and slap on them by the corrupt, inefficient and unserious President Jonathan. According to Disu Adeyemi Yesufu, a concerned Nigerian, "These people are the greatest con group to ever rule Nigeria. I hope we would be able to have them account for their deeds when they get out of power in 2015. They initiate an inquiry and rubbish same before or when the report is out. "Due to time constraints" is a sentence you see in almost any inquiry written report anywhere in the world. Why should that be a reason to totally condemn a report? When you put a Fraud like Okupe in charge of your media blitz, then something is wrong with your government or you are simply a fraud too." I couldn't agree more. REVOLUTION NOW!

Nigerian rights and good governance campaigner, Gloria Adagbon has this to say, "President Jonathan must implement the Ribadu Report if he is serious about reforming the oil and gas sector. What is the government waiting for? Why did they say the report is unimplementable? I am saddened and disappointed that nothing is being done to fish out the oil thieves and put a stop to the continuos pillaging of our oil wealth. President Jonathan ought to err on the side of caution and listen to Nigerians for once. We have been here not too long ago with the Farouk Lawan's Fuel Subsidy Report. The findings of which were damning but were largely discredited by the bribery scandal orchestrated by the powers that be. Now they are at it again, rubbishing the report in a desperate attempt to continue to shield the oil thieves. This is slap on the face of Nigerians an its unacceptable."

Chinedu Ekeke, a credible Nigerian youth leader wrote, "It is so unfortunate that there has been so much ignorant carping and malicious tittle-tattling about the report of the Petroleum Revenue Task Force chaired by Mallam Nuhu Ribadu, both failings arising from a deliberate attempt to individualise what was actually group work, a mischievous attempt to politicise one report out of three, and to smuggle into an emergent grand web of conspiracy, elements of blackmail, mischief and outright opportunism." REVOLUTION NOW!

Tony Nammor, an upstanding Nigerian politician wrote, " The whole drama is to rub it on our faces that Goodluck Jonathan is comfortable with corruption. He will neither sack Diezani Madueke nor give Nigerians any reason to support their assertion that she is indeed corrupt even in the face of prima facie evidences. And there are always Oronsaye’s and Otedolas who are willing to help out."  REVOLUTION NOW!

Tony Nammor continues, "Steve Oronsaye is a mole, a traitor and an unpatriotic Nigerian...He is the mole planted in the committee, just like most of the committees formed and has shown Nigerians that the stomach will always define the head for most persons of low virtues and integrity. What a shameful bunch of neophytes ....All is in the design to circumvent and compromise the report...This will forever be the trend and style of the so called cabals and governance against Nigerians....We are not being fooled...at the end, the report ends in the trash can. The records are there, no matter how much they try to kill it, the day of reckoning is coming.....things must change in Nigeria..They can continue to play Russian roulette all they like; the end shall justify the means...Jamborees upon jamborees, committees upon committees still criminals and thieves continue to lord over our Nigerian resources because they hold sway and will continue to find invalids within the Nigerian society , cutting across all ethnic groups to compromise any small attempt to fight corruption.....They will all vomit the rot money on the long run.......Its no more an option...GEJ must decide on which side of Nigerian history he belongs...Its them against Nigerians and we shall not stop the struggle and fight to bring back sanity to our country and people...." REVOLUTION NOW!

From Twitter to Facebook, from Nigerian Yahoo fora to Online and the print media outfit, the outrage has been the same. REVOLUTION NOW!

There is no other nation where news on real life corruption tumbles out at the regularity it does in Nigeria. There is no other nation where people rationalise actions of government that are detrimental to them.   Alll we do is rage about it and then wait for the next chapter in the book of revelation of corruption as one awaits a sequel to a bestseller. They never disappoint us. New ones come to light, each one, more appalling than the former.  REVOLUTION NOW!

If the high level corruption in our nation is not enough to give us the much needed push to galvanise into action, maybe the astronomical youth unemployment would do the trick. But no, it hasn't.  Even General Olusegun Obasanjo, a man credited with giving Jonathan to Nigerians to punish them for their sins against him, is now indirectly calling on the Nigerian youth to rescue their nation. REVOLUTION NOW!

Now the Mallam Nuhu Ribadu’s Petroleum Special task force constituted by President Goodluck Jonathan to look into the monumental fraud in the oil sector amongst other things, is now being labelled a mere academic exercise by the same person hugely indicted by the report, Mrs Diezani Madueke.  Jonathan can no longer afford to be giving romantic favours using Nigeria. Diamond jewellery and bouquets of flowers would do! The lives and the future of Nigeria's teeming youth population are at stake. Our children are decades behind  children from civilised parts of the world.

So,  how long are we going to continue to be all mouth and no trousers? For how long are our youth going to use football clubs of other nations as a form of therapy and/or distraction from the pains that they have to endure in our nation.? How long are we going to take all the dirt that are daily being heaped on us as a people? How long are we going to watch a few arrogate to themselves our common wealth? REVOLUTION NOW!

When are we going to act against those that have left us with dilapidated educational infrastructures while their children go to the best around the world? Are we ever going to act against those who have refused to improve our healthcare system while they go to German hospitals for cosmetic surgeries occasioned by overindulgence? REVOLUTION NOW!

Will we ever confront these people who have no contact with the ordinary Nigerians and whose groceries come from abroad? While their children enjoy sound education abroad, Germany, for them, is now the 37th state of Nigeria. These people have isolated Nigerians to the point that independent day celebration, is now a private affair, only for those in President Jonathan's kitchen cabinet, their friends and families. What are we waiting for to sack this bunch of insensitive looters? What? What more do we want to happen before we act? REVOLUTION NOW!

How long is General Mohammadu Buhari, the rightful opposition leader in Nigeria going to keep mute about the evil in our land for fear of being blackmailed? For how long is he going to carry on defending himself against an incompetent, corrupt and insensitive government? When is he going to start holding these morons by the neck and let them be on the defence instead of him?  When is he going to start addressing Nigerians instead of sending some spokesperson or a third party? When is he going to call the bluff of the irresponsible government at Aso Rock by addressing every of their word,  action and inaction? The role of the opposition leader is a full time job! We are getting an unfair deal from the hoodlums and touts  but we are getting even an unfairer deal from the Nigerian opposition as they seem to be inactive. REVOLUTION NOW!

Where are the Desmond Tutu's of our nation, not the so called corrupt and thieving Men of God? Where are the Gani Fawehinmis, the legal eagles of Nigeria? where are the Fela Anikulapo Kutis of our nation? where is the Nigerian Student Union of the 'Ali must Go' calibre? And where are the Patrick Kaduna Nzeogwus of Nigeria?  Where are they? REVOLUTION NOW!

We are sick and tired of those, including me, who use the social media to hold the government to account without corresponding action. It is good that we are talking, but its not leading us closer to the democracy we yearn for.  God is a dictator, Nigerians want democracy.  Those looting our commonwealth are authoritarians. If Nigerians want the democracy that is meaningful, they must apply a democratic process and that is REVOLUTION NOW! The looters pray and we pray. If we are to achieve something different, we must do something additional to praying. We must act. We must stop camouflaging our pains, our anguish and/or anger. We must vent them through civil disobedience in a mass action.

We had a taster of it in January 2012 when we left our calling cards saying, "We will be back". The time is ripe, the time is now. We must return to reclaim our nation. There is no doubt that Aso Rock is jittery. We must act now before apathy takes a deeper hold on us. Many of our youth are giving up, they are wearied of waiting. They are restive and they want action now! If we do not organise and galvanise ourselves into action, if we allow young angry Nigerians to take the laws into their own hands, the carnage in Rwanda would be a child's play. REVOLUTION NOW!

Until the lions have their own story teller, tales of hunting will always glorify the hunter. The big question still remains, "Who is the arrowhead that would step forward and lead our nation out of this land of slavery?" Who is this hero, this nationalist whose memory Nigerians unborn would sing its praise? Who? REVOLUTION NOW!

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