📛 35 thousand barrels a day. That's all we now get from oil. 
We think we are punishing Pres. Buhari for daring to wage war against Corruption. 

📛 Well, Human Rights organs across the world and even the Anmesty International, can attest to the fact, that for a Military man, President Buhari has exercised the patience of a saint by continually calling for dialogue.

📛 President Buhari has not only begged the Militants to down hostilities, he has appealed to them to embrace dialogue. 
President Buhari has gone ahead to set up various avenues for dialogue and many militant groups took advantage of it to dialogue.

📛 In the month of June, in spite of the continued economic crimes by the Militants against our nation, the Federal government, States and Local Governments, shared ₦559.032. 70% of that June allocation was from non-oil sector – 

📛 "We are proud of the development and we tell ourselves that this is the time to fund the budget of the Federal Government from non-oil sources" – Mr. Tunde Fowler, Chairman, Joint Tax Board

📛 The Federal government is sticking to its diversification of the economy plan. Now Delta state, Bayelsa state, Rivers state etc in the region, cannot pay salaries.

📛 It is therefore a welcome relief that the Nigerian Army, high in spirit from defeating of Boko Haram, has moved to teach some militants a lesson on who is in charge. 

📛 President Buhari is working hard to provide for all Nigerians by having a good spread of NEEDED amenities provided for in the 2016 budget. We cannot, therefore continue to wait for the political Niger Delta Avengers militants as they continue to shift goal posts by making unreasonable demands thereby holding our nation to ransom. 

👏 We pray for our brave, gallant and courageous soldiers. 
God lead them as they spread their attention to the Niger Delta
God protect them from the arrows that fly by day and by night
God bless Nigeria. 
God bless us, everyone. 
Lauretta Onochie.

Read the details From Punch:
There was pandemonium on Thursday in the Arepo area of Ogun State and some part of Lagos State after the military bombarded the base of suspected militants in the states.

The PUNCH learnt that scores of militants were reportedly killed in the joint military operation which lasted for more than one hour.

A source said the military attacked Fatola, the base of the militants, adding that houses around the area were shaken by the impact of bomb explosions on the Ijaw militants.

He said, “There has been a lot of commotion. The Nigerian Air Force bombarded Fatola, in Arepo, which is the base of the militants. They are shelling the place with fighter jets. Some soldiers also surrounded the area to make sure that if any of the militants should run out, they would be gunned down.”

A resident said people in the area had started fleeing their homes due to the bombardment.

Another resident in the Imushin area of Ogun State told our correspondent that two aircrafts were involved in the operation, adding that only one base of the militants was attacked.
He said, “An aircraft had actually been surveying the creek for the past three days. But a second one joined this evening around 6pm. 

All we heard was a sudden bomb blast released from the second aircraft. But it appeared that some of the militants had fled into the bush. There are four major bases of the militants in the creek and they are led by two men- OC and Agbala. If the military can get these two people, then they would have succeeded in clipping the wings of the militants.”

A community leader, who claimed to have spoken with one of the officers, said, “The military officer said residents should not panic because it was a military exercise. I also gathered that the casualty figure was high and that a lot of the militants had been killed.”

The Director, Defence Information, Brig. Gen. Rabe Abubakar, confirmed the operation, saying it involved the army and the navy.

He said, “The military only conducts its routine operation for the purpose of denying the vandals and other criminal elements from causing terror in the area. The operation, codenamed, Operation Awatse, was initiated by the defence headquarters to dominate the area with a view to flushing out all manners of criminals including militants and saboteurs. The operation involved the joint forces of the navy and army and it has been successful.”

The Police Public Relations Officer, Lagos State, SP Dolapo Badmos, said the police were part of the operation.
She said, “The Nigerian military and policemen from the Lagos and Ogun commands are part of the operation. We are sweeping through the waterways where we share boundaries to end the activities of the militants. It is a continuous exercise and we cannot tell the number of casualties.”

The acting Police spokesperson, ASP Abimbola Oyeyemi, promised to call back our correspondent, but he had yet to do so as of press time.
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